JobTracker™ – A Job Board Analytics Tool from eQuest


Calculate Precise Job Board ROI

JobTracker collects complete candidate traffic and trending data specific to your company’s job postings – allowing you to:

  • Track the effectiveness of each unique job to each job board -  determining which jobs work best at which websites
  • have legitimate, actionable sourcing information based on unbiased, third-party statistics
  • as job board contracts renew you will be in complete control of negotiating the best deal based on your JobTracker data

JobTracker Dissects Key Information
JobTracker gives you insight to job board effectiveness across every job board you post – on a job board aggregated level. Instead of receiving separate reports from each job board, JobTracker combines its own separate statistics on all job boards into one, simple report determining:

  • how many candidates viewed your job at each job board
  • how many took action upon reading that job requisition to click on the apply button.

These simple statistics can show important candidate traffic trending including:

  • how effective your job content reads
  • which recruiters are having better responses than others
  • “view to click” ratios – determining how enticing your job content is

It will give you genuine insight into your posting efforts. The analysis happens quickly, accurately and automatically.

Exceed Management Expectations
By incorporating JobTracker into your job-posting initiative, you can track the data and invest your internet advertising budget with only those job boards that are the most highly productive for your company. JobTracker enables you to understand how your candidate sourcing budget should be allocated, providing the third-party metrics that track your efforts. We understand that hundreds of thousands of your budget dollars are involved in internet search, so our goal is to encourage you to incorporate JobTracker immediately!

JobTracker Compares and Analyzes A Variety of Parameters

  • evaluates effectiveness of each job board
    • by department,
    • by category,
    • by unique title,
    • by position
    • by state,
    • by city
    • by overall most candidate traffic
  • delivers precise cost-per-click data

We generate easy-to-read, customized, reports that measure candidate sourcing success rates unique to your company!