Best and Worst Boards Examined Prior to Posting a Job

You’ve selected 3 job boards to post your Java Programming position for an opening in Austin, Texas. Wouldn’t you like to know which of the 3 job boards you selected has the worst (or lowest) candidate responses over the last 30 days for that industry in that location?

Imagine if you could eliminate a single job board with each posting over the period of a year. Imagine how much money you would save knowing ahead of time where your advertising dollar is being wasted.

How It Works

After a user has selected the job boards for delivery Spendometer will search eQuest’s vast database of analytics to determine which of the boards selected has received the best and worst candidate responses – based on similar jobs and locations previously posted by eQuest’s aggregated user base in the past 30-day period.

Spendometer will render its findings and recommend you deselect the worst performing board(s) if applicable.

If deselected the job board cost savings is rendered on the screen in real-time, recorded and available to the company each month in aggregated savings across all recruiters posting for that company.

If you don’t like the recommendation, you can simply bypass the deselect button and move forward.