Integrating with Chameleon has never been easier – and its code was specifically written to dramatically reduce integration time. Depending on your requirements a simple integration can be performed in a matter of weeks.*

Chameleon was also written to easily morph itself to any other online software application. This means that Chameleon can replicate the look-and-feel of your home-grown system, CRM, email gateway, or unique application like Lotus Notes or Salesforce.

Below is an example of how Chameleon morphed its user interface into a recent integration with Bullhorn.

Clicking on the below screen shots will open examples of the existing Chameleon UI (left) – and the morphed Bullhorn version (right).

eQuest has performed over 100 integrations since 1998 and our IT consultants can assist you with the best way to integrate.

For more technical information on Chameleon, please visit eQuest’s KnowledgeBase and Support Center at: